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A: Please take a look at the Kaggle FAQ on If this error occurs when running a notebook created from a Kaggle community notebook, it is due to Kaggle needing to access the data in the source notebook to recreate the source's statistics, and it can take some time. In your case, the notebook has already completed execution so the issue should not arise. If it occurs when running a notebook created from your own notebook, the issue is that the notebook is asking for a dataset that it does not have. The source of this error should be easier to trace, but in any case, it should be a very simple fix. This work has been accepted for presentation at the Association for Computing Machinery Conference on High Performance Computing in 2016. Published in "Advances in High Performance Computing", ACM Press, New York, New York, U.S.A., 2016 Open access article: DOI: 10.1145/2894059 This book is free and open access. Due to the interest of the publisher, the PDF of this article may not be downloaded.Q: How to get updated object's properties in an array? I have an array which contains objects var arr=[{ id: 12, Name: "TEST" }, { id: 13, Name: "TEST1" id: 14, Name: "TEST2" }] I need to update this array. Now my array looks like this. But if I do{ element.Name = "TEST3"; return element; }) I get a new array with values Name: "TEST3" Name: "TEST




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